More About Reiki Animal Healing

I am a medical intuitive with many years experience rescuing and caring for animals. I can sense what is going on in an animal's body or its emotional state and use Reiki together with an integrative and holistic variety of modalities to help animals where vet care cannot or is prohibitively expensive. The Reiki healing technique is a form of energy healing. It is a simple, natural and safe method of healing which has for over 100 years been effective in addressing many illnesses and injuries and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve pain and side effects and promote recovery. I may also recommend a special diet, medications or supplements to complement the healing.

A major benefit of using Reiki treatment is that it can be effected either in person or remotely via a photograph. This is possible because I am using energy, which can be applied directly in person or sent to the animal from any distance. It is totally stress-free. Reiki animal healing can greatly reduce pain, discomfort and stress for any suffering animal. Clients often say that during a photo healing their pet becomes very relaxed even if it was in significant pain prior to the treatment.

Giving a hands on Reiki healing to an animal is a simple process. I can either lay my hands on your pet’s body or move a few feet away and allow your pet to move freely around during the treatment. It depends on how the animal wishes to receive the energy. Reiki healing is very calming and most animals love it.

“ There is hope for sick and injured animals when vet care fails or is too expensive. Your pets don't have to suffer or be euthanased!”

— Barbara Jackson

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