About Reiki Animal Healing

Reiki animal healing offers alternatve veterinary services to remedy many chronic and acute conditions. When something is wrong and the vet is unable to diagnose or cure your pet or when drugs, surgery and natural remedies aren't working. Where you may have spent large amounts of money vet care while your animal friend still suffers for months or even years with chronic issues. Or where the vet cannot help and offers euthanasia as the only alternative.

We also treat animals suffering with anxiety, PTSD and behavioural issues. We offer emergency healings where an animal has been taken to the vet but there is little hope it can be helped or vet care is simply too costly. Healings can be done either in person or long distance using a photograph of your furry friend. Animals can receive stress-free Reiki healing in the comfort of their own home, without invasive or painful tests, treatments and drug side effects. Reiki healing is very calming and animals love it. Clients often comment on how relaxed their animals are during the healing session.

Reiki animal healing has been used successfully to treat cases of cancer, inoperable tumours, diabetes, renal disease, hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, pneumonia, heart murmurs, infection, viruses and urgent acute injury where vet care is unavailable or unaffordable. Animals don't have to suffer or be euthanased when there is an alternative! We can also do Reiki healings to help reunite missing pets with their families. These work in 80% of cases and the animal is found usually within 24 hours of the healing.

“ There is hope for sick and injured animals when vet care fails or is too expensive. Your pets don't have to suffer or be euthanased!”

— Barbara Jackson

Why Choose Us

I have many years experience (including vet nurse skills) working with animals suffering from chronic illness, injury or emotional distress. I’ve always loved and respected all animals and because I’m a medical intuitive, I understand their needs and can often communicate somewhat with them to get a better picture of what’s going on. .

Often when a vet has given an animal a grim prognosis or is unable to remedy illness, injury or emotional distress OR is able to help but the treatment is so expensive that its basically unaffordable, the vet will then recommend euthanasia as the only alternative. Its at this point that you should choose us! We may be able to save or at least prolong your pet’s life, relieve its pain, mend broken bones, restore its organs to good health, reduce or remove tumours, calm anxieties and address behavioural issues.

Reiki animal healing has the added benefit of being able to deliver long distance healing via photo/phone, so you don’t have to bring your animal to us but it can be healed in the comfort of home wherever you are! This is where photo/phone treatments and packages are highly useful. Your pet will receive stress-free healing and we will be available to you for advice 24/7.

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